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Hair Guide

Let's Talk Bobby Pins, Hairspray and Creating a Unique Look Just for You


Next to finding the dress, your wedding hairstyle might be the most important styling decision you make for the big day. The style should complement your dress, show off your personality and withstand each and every celebratory dance.

Narrowing down the endless options you’ve uncovered on Pinterest can seem daunting, but we vow to help. We teamed up with Bangs & Blush to talk bobby pins, hair spray and how to make the most out of that beautiful Vow’d hair accessory that’s been in your cart for the past few days or weeks…


THE LOOK | Final Quarter-Up

Perfect for brides with short to medium length hair (great for bridesmaids too), the quarter-up hairstyle may seem like a casual option but dress it up with sparkly hair pins or a wedding comb and you elevate the look to something truly special.



Wendy from Bangs & Blush says she recommends “playing until you feel inspired,” so don’t be afraid to think creatively here!



The Basics 

  • Thick, loose curls give your hair a great foundation for styling
  • For additional texture and volume, lift up the hair and tease the top layer
  • Finish by adding a smoothing product to tame flyaways and add a glossy sheen
  • Next, take a section at the front of your hair, twist it several times, and secure it on the back of the head with bobby pins
  • Select the accessories you want to include (we've got options. Shop all wink) and determine where you want to place your bauble.


Hair Pin Turn
Once you have determined your placement, it’s time to secure the accessory. Have a couple of bobby pins on hand for this part—a good tip here is to secure them perpendicular to the direction of the accessory pin.

Comb-ing at You
Instead of twisting your hair and securing in place, give yourself a side part and pin your hair behind the ear closest to your part line. Adding an extra, hidden bobby pin before accessorizing will keep the comb in place all night long! Just be sure to slide the teeth in first, letting them rest on the pins you’ve already added to secure the hair.


THE LOOK | Cup Half-Up

A classic option for the bride who prefers her hair down, but wants the drama that comes with adding accessories. Like our fan favorite veils.



The Basics

  • Start with thick, loose curls and separate them with widespread fingers to add texture and a natural, bohemian flair.
  • Grab front sections on both sides of your face and twist the hair tightly, securing the tendrils at the back of the head with bobby pins. Leave a few strands down in front to soften the look.
  • Don’t be afraid to give this look a healthy dose of hairspray!
  • Grab your bridal hair accessory and play with placement until you feel inspired, bending and twisting until the placement feels perfect.



 Pro Tips

Veil Combo
Always start with the veil and add your hair accessories after it’s securely in place! When inserting your veil, be sure to rock it back and forth, rather than sticking it in straight. This technique helps the veil stay in place. Next, grab your comb, securing it with bobby pins perpendicular to the direction of the teeth of the comb.

Clip, Clip
Be careful—pulling out the clip can often pull loose hairs out of the twist, so be sure you’re 100% happy with the placement before you clip in place! Not a great option if you’re hoping to change up your hair or hair accessories between ceremony and reception.


Vine of the Times
Looking for a boho and ethereal look? Hook bobby pins through the ends of your hair vine and secure them on the sides of your head. Apply hairspray, and you’re golden (literally)!


THE LOOK | Full Up & In Charge 

The most impactful of all bridal hairstyles has to be the romantic updo. We prefer ours a little more lived-in with loose tendrils and an added braid, but you can use many of these tips when creating a more polished version too! 


The Basics

  • Start with full curls with plenty of volume.
  • Carefully separate them with widespread fingers to add texture, and use hairspray to create even more volume.
  • Leave face-framing pieces down in the front, and twist to secure the top layer.
  • Continue twisting and securing pieces, leaving a good-sized chunk out in the front to work with later.
  • When you’ve almost got every piece, pull a few tendrils out at the nape of the neck for a natural, laid back look.
  • Now, working with the front section of your hair - Add a braid, gently pulling at the plaits to add volume. Drape the end of the braid over the bun and pin in place.
  • Pin back any loose face framers, and get ready to add your accessories!


Pin Me Baby, One-More Time
Secure a bridal hair pin to the non-braided side of your hair; this look adds simple, elegant sparkle.


Style Un-Veiled
There are a few great options when adding a veil to this look. The veil can sit at the top of the bun or the crown of the head. Whether it’s a pearl encrusted fingertip veil or a luxe cathedral veil, this accessory adds a sophisticated air to any wedding updo.

You’re so Vine
If you love the look of a hair vine without the ribbon, trade it out for bobby pins and use them to secure the accessory in place. This allows more freedom to bend and play.


THE LOOK | Bohemian Rhapsody

For the free-spirited bride looking to add organic sparkle to her outdoor wedding daydream.

The Basics

  • Start with large curls and separate them to add texture.
  • Allow the pieces in front to frame your face, and softly place the headband at the crown of the head.
  • Use one finger to hold the headband in place while your stylist or bridesmaid ties the ribbon in the back.
  • Carefully fluff up the hair and the crown of the head to add volume, and finish the look with hairspray!


You’ve got this.

With a little creativity and an awesome accessory, there are hundreds of ways to style your hair for the big day. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!